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How Lovoyage Works
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We created Lovayage so you can find fellow travelers with the same travel-plans as you and enjoy your adventures together

Why Lovoyage
Traveling alone can be a profound and reflective experience but a romantic get-away or a fun venture with new friends can be so much more rewarding and exciting
Our mission
Traveling together is the best way to get to know people. We want your trip to become a real Love Voyage with Lovoyage
Who to meet on Lovoyage
With Lovoyage , you can find travel companions for the perfect trip. The app will help to match you with people with similar interests and character traits so that you have a great time together!
Trip types

Romantic meeting

Traveling with new friends

Family travel

Active, beach, extreme and other activities


Romantic travel


New acquaintances


Drunk shots


Flights all over the world

Everything you wanted to know about Lovoyage
What inspired Lovoyage?

To combine 3 wonderful things: travel, interesting people and exciting experiences!
The idea of an app that can do all three while being accessible for everyone is the goal.

How do I know if I have matched with someone?

Lovoyage allows you to message anyone within your filter preferences!
This removes the pressure of traditional matching and allows you to browse through the profiles of fascinating people. You can build real connections through striking up a conversation with another user.

Is this a dating app?

Lovoyage is not a traditional dating app - it’s much more. You can certainly choose to meet other singles and embark on a romantic journey with someone you have a special connection with. However, Lovoyage is also used by couples, solo travellers, families and friends to meet new people and enhance their next trip.

How to fill out your profile?

Be as open and honest as possible in order to make a pleasant first impression on other users.
It is important to indicate where you plan to go on vacation, whom you would like to find, your age, gender and expectations from the trip.
It will be useful to add a couple of your current photos and links to social networks.

Help! I’m unsure how to start a conversation with someone! Any suggestions?

Totally understandable! Why not tell your funniest travel disaster story? Or share your passions about music? Your favourite book?
Maybe an anecdote from your bucket list? How about the details of your work? Be yourself!

Do I have to pay for Lovoyage?

Lovoyage is a completely free app!
There is the option to use premium features at a low cost, but that will always be an option and you can opt out at any time.

Lovoyage is always happy to help!
If you have any questions, comments, or want to share your travel advice or stories with us, you can contact us:
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